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May 16, 2016, Technology
Reasons To Enter The Technology Blogging World!

I’ve been thinking a lot over the past few days and I think this post reflects this. I’m not sure if its the fact I turned 34 on Tuesday (happy birthday to me) that got me in such a reflective mood or not.

I honestly don’t know what I would be doing if I didn’t have Internet marketing & blogging in my life, because the simple fact is I LOVE BLOGGING!

This post is going to provide you with 15 fantastic reasons to start blogging. I really hope it inspires you to take action today.

1)To Help People

I’ve put this at number 1, because this is the most important reason for me. If this post was titled “15 Reasons To Start A Niche Website” my number 1 answer would always be money, but blogging is different.

I love to help people (almost as much as I love blogging!) and always enjoy getting a comment or email asking for advice, or just saying thanks for some helpful information. I think every blogger strives to create a go to resource that people return to again and again, I know I do.

You can help people achieve their goals by simply documenting your own experiences and how you overcame certain problems or challenges in your life. How easy and rewarding is that?

2)To Think More!

monkey thinking

My brain is so busy at the moment, I’ve started carrying a small notepad and pencil around with me. To be honest I’m not sure what I even thought about before I started making money online and blogging.

Not only will starting a blog make you think more, it will make you think longer and harder and you will become better at it. With the help of your readers & subscribers you will be able to develop many of your ideas into winners.

3)To Meet Like Minded People

Blogging has helped me make friends and meet some really great people. It provides some fantastic opportunities to become acquainted with successful and influential people in your niche.

It can help you build a community of like minded people that share the same interests and passions as you. You maybe able to find a mentor that can provide expertise and guide you along the way.

Most importantly it provides the opportunity to network. Not only do I love reading what other bloggers document, I love getting to know them.

4)To Make Money

I know for many of you reading this, making money from your blog will be the number 1 reason for starting it. For many new bloggers this will also be the reason for giving up and failing. The initial excitement of making a boat load of cash will soon wear out, when you realise it isn’t going to be as easy as you first thought.

Does that mean it’s impossible to make money blogging? No of course it doesn’t. From a few dollars per month, to over 7 figures, making money from a blog is totally possible, and not that difficult.

It will however take time, and should never be the only reason to set a blog up in the first place.

From adsense to affiliate sales, selling add space or offering coaching, there are many ways to monetize a blog.

It can enable you to start a business, develop a brand and secure your families future.


I thought it would be correct to put freedom, after making money, seeing as the 2 are closely related. Starting a blog and making a full time living from it can give you the freedom so many people crave.

Work when you want to work, work in your pajamas, work from the beach, work from anywhere you like.  Blogging can enable you to give up the 9-5 rat race (no more having to laugh at your bosses jokes) and most importantly allow you to spend more time with your family and loved ones.

6)Inspire & Provide Help

I always get a warm feeling inside when I receive an email or comment asking for help or thanking me for advice I have shared. It helps me push forward, keep working hard and motivates me to publish helpful content.

Blogging provides a platform for you to provide a go to resource to help and inspire others in your field, how good is that?

7)Its Free!

If you were to take up golf as a hobby, you would have a pretty expensive initial outlay. Golf clubs, membership fees, shoes, golf wear etc.

hamster picture

You should always see blogging as a hobby at the start and what better hobby than one you can start for free. Using one of the many free blog platforms, its totally possible to get set up in minutes and you are away!

8)Will Help You Believe In Yourself

Many of you may have trouble believing in yourself, I know I do sometimes. Starting a blog has helped me overcome this a lot. I constantly hear myself saying “you can do this” and the truth is I can, which means you can to.

Every comment or email from a reader and every sale I make helps me believe in myself more. Its a great feeling and one you can feel to.

9)Improve Your Writing Skills

I’m not the best writer, I know that. The truth is I didn’t go to university and left school with mediocre grades. Before starting internet marketing, I hadn’t written more than a short note for over 15 years!

So, how do you become better at writing? Well I think we all know by doing it more often, which is exactly what you will be doing when you start blogging.

For many of you with more advanced writing skills than mine, this may lead to you writing and publishing a book. P roving you have the ability to build an audience via a blog can not only help you get published but open many doors.

10)Provide Some Very Nice Opportunities

We all love free things don’t we? So how does being given the latest iphone to review on your technology blog sound? Or maybe being asked to spend a weekend at a luxury spa (free of charge) to review on your travel or beauty blog?

Blogging can also provide job opportunities, offers to speak at conferences and as mentioned above lucrative book deals.

11)Learn New Skills

WordPress, HTML, CSS and SEO are just some skills you may learn. When I show my family and friends a website that I have ranked highly in google, they are like “wow how do you do that” Over the last few years I have learnt more in my life than ever before. I use to hate learning new things, now its all I want to do.

12)Enhance Your Resume

What better way to enhance your resume by stating you set up and run a blog? It shows commitment, dedication, that you have the ability to stick with a project and you are able to teach and voice your opinions.

13)Improve Your Knowledge Through Teaching

The brilliant thing about blogging is you can improve your knowledge and expertise over time. Did all authoritative figures start out as experts? Of course they didn’t. They built up their knowledge over time by blogging.

You can literally become an expert in any field you want, all you need is a keen interest and desire to learn.

14)Help Your Company Become More Personal

Reaching out to your customers via a blog is a great way to gain trust and drive traffic to other sites. People who trust and respect your company because of the great advice you have shared or because of the fact you are so reachable via your blog are far more likely to spend their money with you.

15)Its Easy & Hard!

You can make blogging as easy or as hard as you like. Setting up a blog can take minutes and you are away. For many of you this will be enough. Driving traffic & making sales is another ball game and could take years of testing.

The internet is constantly evolving and as bloggers we need to keep up with these changes which is going to provide many exciting challenges!

Hope you enjoyed this post, it would be great if you have any more reasons for starting a blog that you would like to share.

May 16, 2016, Blogging